Supply list

Drawing classes

Supplies to bring on first day marked in blue.

  • Pencils
    • 2B, HB, H, 2H, 4H (recommended brand: Staedtler, Tombow, Faber-Castell)
  • Kneaded eraser
  • Straightedge
    • Your choice: Knitting needle, skewer, bicycle spoke, ruler, straw, string, etc
  • Paper for block-in practice
    • Sketch paper, any brand. 9×12” or larger
  • Drawing board
    • 23×26” or similar, any brand
  • Paper for rendering
    • Strathmore 400 drawing paper –  14×17” or 18×24”,  80lb, medium surface (not smooth surface. It should have a woman on the cover, not a lion)
  • Sketchbook
    • Any size, paper, or shape. Nothing too precious. Anything that will get you drawing
  • Artist tape


  • Mahl stick (for steadying your hand while rendering)
    • Can be a fancy artist’s Mahl stick, or just a dowel rod
  • Small stick-style eraser
    • Tombow Mono (round) or similar