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I’ve studied with dozens of teachers and learned a ton from all of them. But I’ve also felt so many things could be made simpler. I love simplifying complex things and making them easier for everyone to understand.

What impresses me most about Tim is not that he is a great painter or draftsman (both of which are true), it’s that he’s able to take his encyclopedic knowledge of art and cater it to each one of his student’s personal needs, and he does this without any pretension. He understands that what may be easy for one student is very difficult for the next. Whether you’ve never picked up a paint brush before or have years of experience, Tim will help you become a better artist. I would recommend his class to everyone. 

—Gus Hoffman website

Why learn with Tim?

  • I’ve studied art for over 20 years with dozens of teachers.
  • Teaching is a great passion of mine.
  • I love making complex things simple.
  • I also have some skills—see below!

Example art by Tim