Drawing shortcut: Angle transfers

Correct angles are critical for realistic drawing. What if you could transfer any angle you see to your drawing in seconds? The good news is—you can! With clear written instructions and videos, this self-paced course will teach you the fastest and easiest ways to get angles right. Angle transfers are a simple way to improve your drawings and speed up your process.

What are angle transfers?

An angle transfer is when you copy an angle from the subject to your drawing. There are lots of ways to do this. In this course I’ll teach you a few of the fastest and easiest. Angle transfers help you save time and get to a more accurate drawing more quickly.

Why take this course?

Correct angles = more accurate drawing
Angle transfers give you a fast way to get angles right.

Angle transfers are:

  • A fast and easy way to improve your drawing.
  • For both traditional and digital art.
  • Great when working from life or from photos.
  • An easy way to simplify perspective.
  • Great to use with other measuring techniques.

Who would find this course helpful?

Beginners & advanced students
Angle transfers are one of the simplest ways to get more accuracy in your drawings. They’re quick and easy to learn.  Like me, you may have studied for a while without learning about angle transfers. I studied for over 20 years before I learned about them. They’ve really simplified parts of my drawing process.

Traditional & digital artists
Angle transfers work great for both digital and traditional art. I use angle transfers all the time, whether I’m drawing with pencil or sketching on my iPad

People working from life & photos
You can use angle transfers easily whether you’re working from photos or from life. Even if you’re working from imagination, angle transfers can be really useful.

What’s in the course

Why learn with Tim?

  • I’m really passionate about teaching! It really excites and motivates me.
  • I love simplifying complex concepts.
  • I love connecting with students—supporting them both as artists and people.
  • I love dealing with the mental aspects of art, like fear, expectations, frustration, etc.
  • My life goal is to be both an amazing teacher and an amazing artist.

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